frequently asked questions

What areas do you cover?

Stamford PE9 and surrounding areas.

What is the process?

We start by visiting your garden and reviewing your specific requirements. Depending on these, we will undertake the following:

Stage one: Soil testing

We start with a soil survey; testing your soil type and drainage. We also consider the local climate so as to build you the perfect garden, from the ground up.

Stage two: Garden design

Our garden planning ideas are carefully calculated to optimise the available space. As part of this, we aim to work collaboratively, incorporating your ideas into the completed garden makeover.

Stage three: Maintenance

A garden is a living thing; it is forever changing. We therefore recommend regular, ongoing maintenance in order to promote an optimal aesthetic. We will maintain your borders, lawns and hedges, potting plants and creating a well-balanced, beautiful space, all year round.

Stage four: Planting

We subscribe to the Beth Chatto way of gardening, the idea of right plant, right place. In other words, garden plants grow best in situations similar to their original natural environment. Throughout our time working with you we will source bulbs and bedding with the highest bio-security so that they have the best chance to thrive in your newly designed space.

How long will it take?

We accomplish the best results for you through weekly or monthly visits. Our philosophy is that, if you invest the money, we will invest the time to deliver to, and beyond expectations.

Is there anything you don’t offer?

No, we can source and solve any challenge you throw at us.

Do you offer a free consultation first?

Talking costs nothing. Our initial consultation is free, and we then discuss prices before carrying out a soil survey.

garden maintenance service / grounds maintenance | Haynes Horticulture


garden maintenance service / grounds maintenance | Haynes Horticulture

Hedge Cutting

garden maintenance service / grounds maintenance | Haynes Horticulture

Sourcing New Plants